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Conestoga Playmate by Tavern Puzzles

Original artifact is in a museum in Landis Valley, PA, birthplace of the Conestoga covered wagon. (1981)

Object: Remove the steel ring
Puzzle Difficulty: Easy - Group 1
Packaging: Cloth draw string bag

Each puzzle is 100% hand crafted in the USA.

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Conestoga Playmate will light up the face of younger puzzle masters when they solve the puzzle, or it may make an older puzzle master frown when they can't. Made by Tucker Jones House, this Tavern Puzzle is great for beginners and collectors of all ages.

  • Difficulty Level: Level 1 - Simple
  • Objective: Remove the ring
  • Manufacturer: Tavern Puzzles, Tucker-Jones House, Inc
  • Packaging: Cloth draw string bag
  • Material: Steel, iron
  • Hand crafted in the USA
  • Weight: Approximately 1 Pound
  • Year added to the Tavern Puzzle Collection: 1981

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