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Yankee Ingenuity - Tavern Puzzle

"Cleverness of design using available resources. Clever thinking needed to solve it. (2010)" - Tucker-Jones

No hacksaw, bolt cutters, or other implements of destruction are necessary to solve this puzzle, though you may start to feel like they are the only option. But with perserverance the solution can be found. It just takes a little yankee ingenuity!

Object: Remove the metal ring

Puzzle Difficulty: Group 7 (Very Difficult)
Packaging: Cloth draw string bag

Each puzzle is 100% hand crafted in the USA.


  • Difficulty Level: Level 7 - Very Difficult
  • Objective: Remove the ring
  • Manufacturer: Tavern Puzzles, Tucker-Jones House, Inc
  • Packaging: Cloth draw string bag
  • Material: steel, iron, wood, chain
  • Hand crafted in the USA
  • Weight: Approximately 1 Pound
  • Year added to the Tavern Puzzle Collection: 2010

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