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Captive Heart Horse Shoe with Heart Puzzle

Captive Heart was created as wedding favor for the blacksmith's daughter's wedding. It works just like Old Shackles, but instead of a ring as the object piece, it has a small heart. 

Object: Remove the metal heart
Puzzle Difficulty: Easy - Group 1
Packaging: Cloth draw string bag

Each puzzle is 100% hand crafted in the USA.

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In difficulty, it is rated a Group 1 (simle). It is a more difficult puzzl than Old Shackles because it matters how the heart is positioned. That said, most people who can master the Old Shackles horse shoe puzzle can also solve Captive Heart. There is not a separate solution for this design.

  • Difficulty Level: Level 1 - Simple
  • Objective: Remove the heart
  • Manufacturer: Tavern Puzzles, Tucker-Jones House, Inc
  • Packaging: Cloth draw string bag
  • Material: Steel, iron
  • Hand crafted in the USA
  • Notes: Same solution as Tavern Puzzles Old Shackles horse shoe puzzle, only a heart is used as the object piece instead of a ring.
  • Weight: Approximately 1 Pound

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