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$15.99 Tavern Puzzles Special Offer $15.99 Special Offer
Crazy Tavern Puzzles Deal - 10 puzzles for $150! 10 Puzzles for $150!
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We've Lost Our Minds! 
10 Puzzles for only $150 DELIVERED!

Okay, here's the deal- We've taken our $15.99 special offer one step further and now we are offering 10 Tavern Puzzles for only $150 including shipping in the US (This offer is not available for international delivery).  Since this price is so absolutely low there is a catch-  You get to pick a difficulty level and we will send you AT LEAST FOUR puzzles from that level.  The other six puzzles will be chosen from the next two closest levels. (I.E. if you pick Very Difficult, you will get at least four Very Difficult puzzles and then six other puzzles randomly chosen from the difficult and intermediate levels.) Or you can pick 'some of each' and get a few puzzles from each of the four difficulty levels.  There are no exchanges or returns for this offer!  This offer is perfect for anyone who is just starting to collect Tavern Puzzles or makes a great way to do all of your Christmas Shopping in one place as you can get 10 gifts for 10 folks! 

Note: This offer has free shipping, but does NOT count towards the $58 to receive free shipping for other items purchased if bought in the same transaction.



1. Will I get more than one of the same puzzle?  NO.  Not unless you order 3 crazy deals, in which case you would get a complete set plus some repeats.

2. I already have some Tavern Puzzles.  Can I pick the ones I get for this deal? Sorry, this deal is a 'grab bag' style offer.  We only do this so that we can maximize our inventory turns by moving puzzles that we have excess stock of.  You can use the 15.99 deal and pick a puzzle you don't want in a category to keep from duplicating one you already have.



Sorry... Not Available for International Orders!

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