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Answers to "Mike's Puzzler"


1. A long time ago a band of explorers went on a 3 week trip. They wanted roasted lamb when they arrived at their destination. The problem was keeping the meat fresh. If they tied a rope to the meat & threw it into the water the fish would eat it. If they packed it in snow, it would melt too quickly. How can they keep the meat from spoiling?
Answer: The band of explorers keep the meat fresh by keeping the lamb alive until they arrive at their destination.

2. Ben was 20 years old in 1980 but only 15 years old in 1985, how is this possible?
Answer:  Ben was born in 2000 B.C. So he was one year old in 1999, two in 1998, three in 1997 etc.

3. A man was changing a flat tire when all 4 nuts used to hold the wheel in place rolled into the sewer drain where they were irretrieveable, yet he was still able to drive off in the same car. How?
Answer:  The man took one nut off of each of the other three tires.

4. A man walked over to his car & noticed that one of the tires on his car had gone completely flat. Despite this, he got in and drove for 100 miles. Why?
Answer:  The flat tire was his spare.  The tires on his car were okay.

5.  Did you get all of these ones right?   Thinking your pretty good?  Want a little harder challenge?
Answer:  Try our very difficult series of metal puzzles by Tavern Puzzles. Click Here to see the very difficult series of puzzles!

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