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Answers to "Mike's Puzzler"


1.  During a medical examination, Todd's blood pressure was found to be 3x higher than a normal healthy person, neither Todd nor the Dr. seemed worried. Why?
Answer: Todd was a horse.

2.  What is the only man-made thing in heaven?
Answer: The scares on Jesus' hands.

3.  A woman from New York married 10 different men from that city, never divorced any of them and none of them died, yet she didn't break any laws. How?
Answer: The Woman was a judge, not the bride.

4.  A man went to the hardware store to buy numbers for his house.  When he was looking at the house numbers there were only 9 digits instead of 10.  He brought this to the attention of an employee and they said that that is all they have every had and they've never had any complaints yet.  Why was that?
ANSWER: The 9 and 6 were the same item.

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