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Answers to "Mike's Puzzler"

1. A man is driving alone on a highway in the middle of the night. As he is driving he begins having chest pains. Thinking this is the big one he takes the next available exit and drives a ways looking for help. He gets desperate. He drives into a residential neighborhood looses control of his car and hits a parked car. Desperate he remembers he has his cell phone and he calls 911. The dispatcher asks him where he is. He doesn't know. She asks what exit he used to get off the highway. He can't remember. She asks him if he can drive his car to an intersection and read the road signs. He says he can't. She asks him to begin blowing his horn until someone comes outside. No one comes out. She then asks him one more question. He answers her and within minutes an ambulance is there and saves him. What question did the dispatcher ask him?
Answer: The dispatcher asked him to read the license plate of the car he hit.  It's not 100% foolproof but the chances are good that since it's the middle of the night the cars owner lives in the house where the car is parked.

2. A boy buys a 5 foot long fishing pole in town. After buying it he goes to the bus stop to catch a ride home. When the bus arrives he begins to get on the bus. The bus driver stops him and says "You can't bring that thing on the bus." The boy asks "Why not?" The bus driver tells him "There is an ordinance that says you can't bring anything on the bus longer the 4 feet. The fishing pole you have looks to be 5 feet. Sorry kid." With that the bus driver boots the kid off the bus. He goes back to the store where he bought the fishing rod thinking he'll just return it and buy it the next time he's in town. When he returns to the store he finds they have a "No Returns" policy. The boy then gets an idea and 10 minutes later he is on the bus heading home WITH the fishing pole. He didn't break it, bend it or take it apart. It was still  in it's original condition. How did he get it on the bus and remain legal under the ordinance?
Answer: The boy bought a box that was 4 feet long and 3 feet wide.   The diagonal of the box then would be 5 feet long.  Just perfect for his fishing pole.