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Answers to "Mike's Puzzler"

1. In Hawaii, if you drop a steel ball weighing 5 pounds from a height of 5 feet, will it fall faster in water 20 degrees Fahrenheit, 40 degrees Fahrenheit, or will there be no difference at all?
Answer: The ball will fall faster in the 40 degree water. Why? because water is frozen at 20 degrees Fahrenheit.

2. When this book came out it was read by only a hand-full of very rich people; now almost everyone has a copy and reads it frequently. You cannot buy this book in a bookstore or borrow it from the library. What is it?
Answer: A phonebook.

4.  A man goes to a website and reads all the puzzlers.  He then leaves the site without ever looking at the BEST thing the site has to offer.  What is the best thing they offer?
Answer:  The complete line of Tavern Puzzles.  Help us stay in business and buy some puzzles :-)  Click here to look at our Difficult Series of Puzzles.

3. You have an unknown quantity of pennies laying on a table. You're blindfolded and wearing gloves (so you can't feel the pennies face.) 10 of the pennies are heads up, the remaining all have tails facing up. Your challenge is to divide the pennies into two groups so that there is an equal number of heads facing up in each group. You can pick them up, shake them up, do whatever you want just as long as you don't look at them or feel the face to determine which way the penny is. The two piles don't need to have an equal number of pennies, just an equal number of heads facing up. How do you do it? Good Luck!
Answer:  Simply pull 10 pennies out of the group and flip them over.   No matter what the pennies were you will now have 2 groups with equal numbers of heads facing up.  Don't believe us? Try it!

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