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Easier Tavern puzzles, found in the simple category of Tavern Puzzles, are excellent for the beginner, especially the younger generation, as they offer an easy solution which often teaches skills needed for more difficult puzzles as well as boost self confidence.   It's fun to watch a child as they show off their mastery of a puzzle to friends and family!

For the adult beginner who wants a puzzle that is a little more challenging than the simple category offers, yet with a clear solution, then the intermediate category of Tavern Puzzles® offers the right challenge.  These puzzles usually take 30-60 minutes to solve for the adult beginner and about 10 minutes (or less) for the experienced puzzler.

For the person who likes a challenge right from the start, or who has solved an intermediate or simple puzzle and wants more of a challenge, then the difficult category of Tavern Puzzles® would be the right choice.  This category is also great as a gift for just about anyone.

Okay, so you've solved a puzzle or two and just didn't see the challenge, or your the type of person who doesn't give up easily and doesn't know the meaning of the word frustrated.   The very difficult category of
Tavern Puzzles is where you want to look.  These puzzles offer a decent challenge even to the best puzzle master.  Sometimes the solution takes days or weeks to figure out, then even longer to master. 

If you're still not sure email us and we can suggest a puzzle for you.  Just tell us what kind of personality the recipient has and the age.  Also include anything you might think is relevant. For example let us know if they have a high I.Q., are easily frustrated, or are always thinking etc.

Another note:  Tavern puzzles make great gifts to give as a 6th wedding anniversary gift.  (
Iron gifts are the traditional 6th wedding anniversary gift.)

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